Drawing on over fifteen years experience CSL will create the perfect presentation for your company. We utilise a range of formats from video, through animation, to the sort of imagery you didn't think PowerPoint capable of. Over recent years we have championed Apple Keynote, exploiting its excellent video integration to take corporate events, awards ceremonies and product launches to the next level.

Incorporating PC and Macintosh platforms we create both traditional print and digitally delivered design. Realise the potential of the internet with our web design expertise to maximise your reach to market and customers. All content is backed up to our secure server building an invaluable resource for our customers.

Our understanding of computer and audio visual technology has proved invaluable to our clients. Whether you need a production manager to oversee your project or a designer with technical knowledge; CSL delivers the expertise with client understanding and professionalism.

Production facilities have drawn on our knowledge to install their own in house design studios. Whether installing hardware or acting as consultants, our experience offers an accurate appraisal of your needs. We are also happy to help with any graphics software integration requirements you may have..

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